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I got my Singing Bone Hello Kitty!


Mcdonalds Hello Kitty

Hello Kitties! :)
The kitty fever has hit the island of Singapore again, courtesy of Mcdonalds

Mcdonalds Hello Kitty

McDonald’s Hello Kitty Fairy Tale series
I have a soft spot for the mouthless cat, and have been faithfully collecting the special edition plushies from Mcdonalds since school days. I remember sleepless nights queuing up outside a shopping mall, getting Dad to drive me around Singapore in search of the elusive Kitties, and most of all – making friends with people in the queue and arranging to queue for more kitties together.

Although I think I am a bit overaged now, the words “Hello Kitty” and “Fairy Tales” made my heart waver, and I found myself eating Mcdonalds every week just to get the cats. It was easy at first, and got more difficult with every next Kitty released which sold out in 3 days, then within a day, then in just one morning. So for the last Kitty in the series, I made up my mind to make effort to get it since it was also my favourite of the lot.
Photo: McDonalds

Mcdonalds Hello Kitty

The limited edition Singing Bone
It was so limited – it sold out in a mere 15 minutes. I thought I was crazy enough to go specially go to a McDonalds at 12 midnight, but apparently I was not the only one – people had started queuing since 9pm the night before! LOL it’s pure madness. Even the haze left them unfazed. It’s a Singapore phenomenon.
Photo: McDonalds

Mcdonalds Hello Kitty

Singaporeans love to queue
And we queue for many things – apartments, N95 masks, food and Hello Kitty.
Photo of the crazy queues that formed the night before The Singing Bone Kitty went on sale at 0000hrs, taken by my friend.

Mcdonalds Hello Kitty

And where did they end up? eBay. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this bid – only 2 hours and it has reached S$1,000???! I can buy a real cat. Or a nice handbag. Or save a small village.

Mcdonalds Hello Kitty

Hmmm…can I eat this? Cannot? Then why buy?? I’m cuter, meow.
I managed to land myself one kitty, phew. I can sleep in peace tonight. Yawn. Gosh, I am so crazy! zzzzzzzz…*drool* *knockout* *snore*

Author: spunktitud3

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5 thoughts on “I got my Singing Bone Hello Kitty!

  1. does the singing bone kitty really sing?

  2. You are so lucky. I live in Thailand but my friends in Singapore will always help me get McDonald Hello Kitty collections. This time they also help me but finally we missed out the last one. My collection is incomplete. T-T

    • What great friends you have Ammie! Well, if you really want to complete your collection, you can try eBay or Qoo10, understand there are some being sold there. But do wait for a while for the prices to drop; its kinda crazy at the moment and I really do not wish to encourage profiteering. Else genuine collectors like us will face even more difficult times for future kitties. Good luck!

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