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Singapore Blog Awards 2013 – Woo hoah, I’m a Finalist for Best Individual Blog!

SG Blog Awards

I’m nominated for the Best Individual Blog in the Singapore Blog Awards! How on earth did that happen??

It came as a surprise that my blog made it as a Finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards, Best Individual Blog category *shy* Being a relatively new blog, it’s a great honour to be nominated in one of the Award’s main categories. And a nice milestone to commemorate the one-year anniversary of my blog which was started on 28 May 2012. Being the lazybum & scaredy-cat that I am, I dragged my feet for the longest time about starting a blog cos’ I really didn’t know how long I could sustain the momentum, if I would have enough interesting content to blog about, and whether I could understand the technical bits & jargon about maintaining a decent blog. That was until I met Darren.

Darren’s lust for life and humorous way of documenting his experiences on his blog greatly inspired me, and I found myself glued to his blog. And to him. As I hung out with him, I amassed more and more photos as well as stories to tell, which I didn’t know what to do with them. What the heck. That was when I decided to start my own blog so someone else other than my teddy bear could share my adventures, and also as a way of communicating with him (you know how someone can text a person just sitting across the room – cos’ that person is perennially transfixed on his mobile device?). So this blog was started with a target audience of one. Darren was ever so supportive, egging me on and helping me with the blog name. I’m so glad it didn’t end up to be “SPANKtitude” cos’ the naughty me is always irritating da hell outta him.

The more I wrote, the more I enjoyed sharing on my blog, and I realised it wasn’t as terrifying as I thought. I found myself on the lookout for more adventures (which has been never-ending since Darren came into my life), and eager to share them on my blog. Over the year I am grateful for people such as Mark Ong and Fran who have been following my blog and leaving me encouraging comments, and that really kept me going on. It’s really a lot of hard work and sometimes I get comments like “Why do you bother to write about this place? Are they paying you? If not, why are you so silly?” To me, staying true to myself and sharing what I enjoy remains the main motivation for my blog; it’s my online diary of adventures, of things I want to remember. So to those who are reading this, THANK YOU for being part of my journey. I am saying this first just in case I don’t win and never get the chance to thank all of you :p

Please vote for me! (until 23 June 2013)
Since I am blessed enough to be nominated, I shall do my part and try to win ;) Apart from 70% judging on content, 30% is on votes. Voting is on until 23 June 2013, and you can vote once a daily – so please show me your support! I am up against veteran bloggers, cute cartoons and even a bodybuilder, so I do need all the votes I can get. So this is what you can do to help me win:

1) Go to: http://sgblogawards.omy.sg/2013/category/?cat=individual
2) Click Vote on my photo
3) You will be asked to sign in or register an account in order to vote (one-time only). You can insert any number or your NRIC in the NRIC/ID field.
4) An activation email will then be sent to you. Click on the activation link, log in and you can start voting for me, and the rest of your fave bloggers. Voting ends 23 June.
5) You can vote once a day! 5 lucky voters will also stand to win a JBL stereo speaker each.
6) If you can, please help to share this and get your friends to vote for me too. I suck at campaigning (which is why I will never run for politics), so I am gonna need all the support you can give. *Fingers crossed*

Thank you in advance for your votes, and for making me feel special :) It’s my honour to have you on my adventures all this while, and more to come!