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A Happening Saturday



Rise & shine!
The sun was gorgeous on Saturday, so chum D & I went on an outing to Pulau Ubin. It was my first time setting foot on the island, so I was pretty excited even though I had to drag myself out of bed at 5.30am.

Pulau Ubin

Enjoying the sight of glistening waters on our boatride to Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin

The most handsomest guy in the Whole Wide World, how carefree he looks :D


A tranquil laid-back scene greeted us. Have I gone back in time? Can’t wait to explore the island!

Pulau Ubin

Only the birds, the sun and the bees – ah, serenity.

Fractured elbow

Guess I got too excited, cycled too quickly and fell. And tumbled down the slope like Jack & Jill. The bicycle went flying just inches over my head. Good thing I had enough fats to cushion most of the fall.

D was so very very sweet to accompany me to the doctor then to the hospital to get my arm mended, although I sorta arm-twisted him to go (pun intended). He was so tired and dozed off soundly while we waited, but he chose to stay throughout cos’ he knew I would be scared. And there would be no one to take this photo. LOL.

I think the doctors and nurses probably thought I had hit my head and gone looney too, taking photos and laughing throughout the entire ordeal. I was asked “Did you hit your head?” at least three times. Until I wondered about it myself too.


New arm accessory for Spring/Summer 2013

And so that’s how I ended up with a fractured elbow – my very first cast! The first thing I asked the nurse was “Can I choose the colour of my cast?” I think she sorta rolled her eyeballs…a girl still needs to be fashionably togged, injured or not! Will be in this form for the next few weeks until the fracture heals…


So with a fractured arm on one hand and a sprained wrist on the other, here’s how I drink my coffee now. Super unglam heh.

It will be hard to do anything much these few weeks until the cast is off, but I refuse to let this temporal inconvenience affect me. Will still continue to blog – letter by letter with one good hand :) It’ll be trying and very slow, but not impossible.

Upside of this misadventure? I discovered I could write my name with my left hand! And more importantly, I have someone who would stand by me when the need arises. Then again, I didn’t need a broken arm to ascertain that, cos’ I already knew :) What an unforgettable weekend.

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4 thoughts on “A Happening Saturday

  1. Poor you! Hope you get better soon.

  2. oops! do take care!

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