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Photography: Magical Encounter with a Dragonfly


Dragonfly Macro

Just had my first insect macro by chance…this little fella was trapped inside a building, banging on the glass panel again and again trying to fly out. My heart went out to it and I decided to try rescue the little darling – managed to catch hold of it with one swipe and brought it out to the open. It kept fluttering its wings and I said to it “Stay still for a moment k, let me take a photo and I will let you go.” And it stayed still. Maybe it thought I was a martian speaking with my peacock-coloured hair. The passers-by probably thought I was looney talking to an insect :D

Dragonfly Macro

What a magical connection I felt with it! It felt so strange looking into its goggle-like eyes, as if it understood me. Dragonflies are such graceful and pretty creatures. Since I haven’t mastered shooting moving objects, this was a God-send photo treat! Bye little fella, it was nice knowing you, hope to see you again soon! xoxo

Author: spunktitud3

A little post by a fun-loving spunky gal in love with the quirky, the artsy and anything which inspires new creations. Read about her adventures on: spunktitud3.wordpress.com

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