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Loving Marina Bay


Clowning Around at Loving Marina Bay

We Love Marina Bay!
Thanks Darren Chin for the photo

Chum Darren‘s photos were showcased at Loving Marina Bay‘s outdoor photo exhibition – so proud of him! The photography exhibition showcases Marina Bay through more than 100 enthralling photos taken by 20 of Marina Bay’s AmBAYssadors made up of Singapore’s popular bloggers and photographers. D’s got a talent for taking photos which tell a story by themselves, so it’s really great seeing his photos being showcased. I’ve learnt so much from him, observing how he frames his photos, teaching me how to touch up shots to highlight the right spots…and more importantly – about life, focusing on the right priorities and so much more. He’s such a wonderful person, and has brought me so much smiles and happy moments (and his pooches too!). I’m quite naughty and a super-handful, so you can imagine how patient he is, heh.

Clowning Around at Loving Marina Bay

Monsieur Darren the ‘exhibitionist’

Clowning Around at Loving Marina Bay

Clowning around at the photo booth

Clowning Around at Loving Marina Bay

God, I asked for Prince Charming, not Daffy Duck
(we almost died laughing taking this hilarious shot)

Clowning Around at Loving Marina Bay

Great memories are made of this. Well done pal, I’m so proud of you! Am very sure more great things will come your way xoxo :)


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2 thoughts on “Loving Marina Bay

  1. u over credit me as usual… this post is supposed to be about the exhibition and how hard you’ve worked to put it all together within an insane timeframe but you proved talent can achieve the impossible :)

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