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Look of the Day – Chan Hampe Galleries Opening

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Chan Hampe Galleries

I attended a really sweet friend Ben’s new gallery opening a week ago – Chan Hampe Galleries has shifted into a new and bigger space at the Raffles Hotel. What’s really cool about Chan Hampe Galleries is that it aims to create a platform for East-West cultural exchange by exhibiting and promoting contemporary art with a primary focus on promising local talent. Some of the artists whom I like include Om Mee Ai (who launched her new show at the opening), Sean Lee, Jason Wee, Guan Wei amongst many others. Ben has a stellar track record in the arts industry, and has a good eye for sussing out rising artists from the region. May I also mention that he was nominated as one of AUGUST Man’s A-Listers in 2011 too ;-)

Left Photo: Co-Owner Angeline Chan, Milenko Pravcki, Om Mee Ai, Benjamin Milton Hampe
Right Photo: Ben with Director of Singapore Art Museum Tan Boon Hui


Dionis and me

Dionis and me

Charles and I

Charles & me – He’s such a nice and friendly guy!

Look of the Day - Closeup

Look of the Day Close-Up

Look of the Day
Dress: From Hong Kong
Leather bracelets: Hermes
Claw finger rings: ASOS
Necklace: Chanel
Belt: Wonder Anatomie
Watch: Chronoswiss
Heels: CL


Gallery Opening Photos: Chan Hampe Galleries


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